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Are you looking for flexible-anti cookie cutter- coaching & mentoring? I would love to see if we could be a match.


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I love Podcasts! Which is why I've started my own. In my podcast you'll hear me share my story, but you'll also hear from other experts.

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I'm Jessica Oram

I believe my destiny purpose in life is to help others reach their fullest potential in their current life to reach goals they have previously struggled with in personal life, business or relationships. Over my lifetime I have mentored people in all walks of life, it came natural to me. People where always drawn to me to ask how to achieve results in certain areas of their lives. 

As a Certified Destiny & Life Coach I am now helping others reach their fullest potential, through my mentoring and coaching program.  

My coaching is intuitive, yet set up in a way you will be sure to get results within only a few sessions.

I take time to understand you and your life, therefore it is incredibly important to me we first connect in a free Discovery Call, where we discover if we align. If I can help you, I will let you know in the Discovery Call and if I can't or feel that you'd be a better fit for someone else I will do my best to refer you.

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